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Hello, and welcome to my programming blog! I’m Brooke, a software engineer with four years of professional experience in various commercial programming languages. Through my career, I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of games and software products, and I have been part of large global teams publishing games to over 25 million monthly active users.

As a developer in the Roblox community, I have a deep understanding of the platform’s engine, APIs, and unique features. I have worked closely with game creators to ensure their games are enjoyable, engaging, and provide the best possible user experience. I have also worked with Roblox as an official community Event Organizer and a member of their Community Feedback Program, which has given me insights into how the company works and the importance of community engagement.

Adding to my work in the Roblox community, I continue to work as a contract Roblox developer, using my intimate understanding of the Roblox engine to solve highly technical problems. My ability to work within the engine and leverage its features has allowed me to tackle complex challenges and deliver efficient and effective solutions.

I am passionate about using my technical skills to solve complex problems and create practical tools to help other programmers achieve their goals. This blog is my way of sharing my experiences and knowledge with the broader programming community, whether it’s showcasing my latest work or announcing the release of a new open-source tool.